Established in 2000, Symmatrix Pte Ltd is a leading supplier of

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About Us

Established in 2000, Symmatrix Pte Ltd is a Leading Rugged Industrial Computing, High Performance Computing & Data Storage Solutions Provider.

We have started with a vision that ensures our partners and clients achieve superiority in deploying the best-in-class products available in today's Information Technology. We are committed to the belief that the deployment or implementation must be of best use and will match our clients’ objectives. Hence our focus and mission is to be able to deliver the right choice and scalable solutions to our customers.

Contact us

Sales Department     Email : sales@symmatrix.com     Tel. : +65 6776 6786
Support Department     Email : service@symmatrix.com     Tel. : +65 6776 4619

Core values

Information technology involves data, equipment and most of all people. The fact that people are the key factor in the whole equation, we believe in building people relationship. We are strongly committed to being accessible and responsive to our customers. We work with clients who are more than just clients; they are partners.